Basics Of Comand Prompt

CmdCommand Prompt was the first born of windows. Which means DOS. So after the Graphical user interface were introduced some people neglected this from their usage. But here is some commands which will helps you one day. may be for fun or may be for your improvement of knowledge …………..

In here type anything you want but it wont work until it was a command of cmd. 😀

Here is some of commands you wont to know generally..

  • CD– Insert into a folder CD[space]Dean (You Can gain access to the “Dean” folder[Case sensitive in here i mean when typing the folder name])
  • Dir– to view all the files in the specific Directory…..
  • Cls– Clears the screen
  • cd[space]..-Go Back
  • md[space][folder name]-makes a folder according to specific name
  • exit-exit from the cmd
  • date-view or change the date
  • del[space][file or folder name]-delete specific file or folder
  • help[to view more commands in CMD]

Try those, Those wont harm for your computer. Using CMD you can perform More actions. Security Policies changing, formatting etc….. So I will catchup with you later with some of those commands in future, Till then Be Familier with Command Prompt. 😀

PS:Dos Commands Aint Case sensitive so you can type any letter type in there.



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