How To switch 3g on second sim of Dialog i35(ainnos a35) [This will operational in any of network locked phone by the way]

So when you buy a network locked dual sim android phone you will face this trouble lately. Therefore you have to follow following steps to speed up your internet connection of 2nd sim to access internet faster(hspa/3g). * Please note that this is temporary process and you have to re do this process after reboot. and this didn’t effect on your warranty.

  1. First you have to switch use 2g only mode in your first Sim (some phone don’t support both sim 3g standby)2014-06-04_20_00_212014-06-04_20_00_27  2014-06-04_20_00_35 2014-06-04_20_00_39 2014-06-04_20_00_53 2014-06-04_20_01_00 2014-06-04_20_01_07
  2. Then you have to follow these steps. as shown in the picture..1 (2) 1 (3)
  3. 1 (4) 1 (5) 1 (6) 1 (7) 1 (8) 1 (9) 1 (10) 1 (11)
  4. first type 4636#*#* in the dial pad.
  5. then move the courser to the beginning of number 4 and type *#*#
  6. then black screen will appear and follow as shown in pictures to activte 3g on your second sim.
  7. that’s all

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