Resistor color codes and identifiying its values

There is actually nine color rings which coming with a resistor. that says their values.

Resistor color codes (image credit goes to )

there is so many resistors coming with different color bands to find the value we must know the above color codesSo first thing is you have to find the start of the resistor. there for you must know that the which side of color rings you have to count.

  • in above there is a gold ring. so that is the end of the color code so you can find using this method (silver or gold).
  • so first color is brown which means the amount of first decimal place is 1 .
  • second color is black according to the color codes its shows “0” .
  • 3rd color is yellow there fore its shows the power of ten according to the yellow the indicate numaric value is 4. so the ten to the power value is 10 to the power 4=10000
  • So the indicate value is= 1 0 * 10 to the power4=10*10^4=100 k ohms
  • The last color indicates the tolarance of the resistor which you have to add or deduct from the value so according to the first figure the tollerence indicates from the gold is (+- )5%. So the real value is (10*10^4) + or – (10*10^4)*5%


Hope you understand how to find a value of a resistor using color code method. :d


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